Are Steam Mops Safe for Hardwood Floors?

New Hardwood Floor

Nobody can dispute the fact that the invention of steam mops marked a tremendous breakthrough in home cleaning. In particular, they are touted as the ultramodern solution for cleaning floors. These mops are super-efficient in killing bacteria and removing tough dirt. However, their suitability on your hardwood floors remains a matter of debate.

Consider the Condition of Your Floor

Before you think of the suitability of using a steam mop on your hardwood floor, you have to assess the condition of your floor. Any flooring expert will warn you against this, especially on an unsealed hardwood. The effect of water can be nothing short of disastrous. Contact between wood and moisture can only mean rapid destruction.

First, you have to understand the effect of water, or steam on your unsealed floor. Naturally, the it will absorb the moisture content, which results in the swelling of the wood fibers. Eventually, the wood begins to curve in a way that is referred to as cupping, or warping. That is why you should stay away from them if your hardwood is exposed.

How Old is Your Hardwood?

The decision of whether to use your steam mop could be settled by considering its age. In general, age determines the thickness and protective capacity of your sealing. A new floor or a freshly sealed floor has a higher resistance to the destructive effects of water than an older one.

Therefore, steam mops may be used on such a floor. On the other hand, old flooring that has not had the benefit of repainting should not be subjected to steam. It is expected that an old floor will wear off its sealing in time and expose itself to ruin when steam is used on its surface.

Avoid Using it on Busy Areas

The volume of traffic on certain parts of the floor is generally greater than on less busy areas. The areas near the staircase and kitchen incur intense pressure of usage leading to the wearing of the vanish. This is because the movements inside the house are likely to be more in such areas, which may lead to the aggressive wearing of the sealing.

Therefore, if you must use one, consider using it on the areas that are less likely to experience intensive wearing. You can use alternative methods such as dusting and vacuuming to clean the areas where the vanish has thinned out significantly.

Apply Fresh Varnish on your Old Floor

Applying Varnish on HardwoodIf you really love the feel of a steam mop on your hardwood floor, make sure that you apply fresh varnish as often as necessary. You may choose to sand it before applying fresh varnish in order to reclaim its elegance. You should wait for several days or probably weeks after applying the new varnish before you consider using the steam mop.

The growing popularity of these mops derive from their capacity to remove grout and other stubborn dirt that may compromise the quality of your flooring. Experts recommend that cleaning with steam mops should be alternated with other methods of cleaning to reduce the chances of ruining your floor with water.

Unique Merits to Consider

  • The do not use harsh and destructive chemicals.
  • Ideal for cleaning of countertops.
  • User-friendly and cost-effective.
  • Designed with multiple ergonomic features.
  • Highly effective in killing germs.


Steam mops are uniquely optimized for top-notch efficiency. The designers fitted them with unique enhancements that make them ideal for removing tough dirt. They are known for their capacity to eliminate nearly 99% of bacteria. However, they should only be used on hardwood floors that are evenly sealed with top-quality vanish.

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