How to Clean Carpet Glue From Hardwood

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Carpet Glue

One of the easiest way to spruce up your nook is to remove the carpet and reveal the beautiful hardwood flooring underneath. You can hire a contractor or better yet, do it yourself to save money. You want your hardwood floor to shine, so get ready to clean the carpet glue. It will be messy and will require hard work, but it will be worth it. Here’s how to do it:

Clear The Floor of Grime and Dirt

Carpet glue is a strong adhesive and will most likely resist the ripping. There will be flakes and grime once you are done. You can remove the most superficial dirt with soap and water. It will also remove those strong paper-like component of the carpet. Scrub hard using a sponge, and try to go with the grain of the wood. Soap and water will help soften the glue.

Remove The Adhesive

The step above will only remove the topmost layer. The next layer, or the adhesive is the one that will give you a headache. There are several solvents you can use to remove this, such as:

  • Heat gun and scrapers – Most home improvement centers carry them. It’s like a laser gun that uses hot air to dissolve the glue. The scraper will be used to peel it off completely. Be careful, you might nick and dent your beautiful hardwood.
  • Peanut butter – Use the organic, all-natural kind that is made completely from peanuts. It has natural oils in it that can break down the bonding agent. Rub peanut butter on the floor and apply pressure. Be patient, if you have a large area to work on, this can get tedious.
  • Mineral spirits – This can damage the finish of your hardwood, so use only with really tough adhesives. Rub the spirits using a towel carefully. If there are remnants, use a scrubbing brush.
  • Dry ice – It’s a cool way of dissolving carpet glue (pun intended). Apparently, it’s not just used for special effects. Put about half a pound of these babies in a metal tray. Then leave them on top of the glue you want to remove. The temperature freezes the glue. Once it becomes brittle, you can strike the frozen glue and it will break easily.
  • Commercial adhesive remover – There are a few on the market. They are easy to follow, directions are usually in the label.

Vacuum It

Remember, the solvent probably has hazardous ingredients so its best to dispose of them properly. A good hardwood vacuum cleaner can make quick work of it. Be mindful of laws regarding their disposal. Let the wood dry for at least a day before doing the finish. Open the windows and doors so that natural air will flow and ventilate the room.

Sand It

Most likely, the floor has seen a lot of action and need further work before it can be displayed. Sand it carefully so as not to damage the floor.

Hardwood floors look good in any house. If you have been covering them under piles of carpet, why not try showcasing them this time? Removing the carpet means a lot of hard work, but if you follow the steps above, you can have beautiful, adhesive free flooring.

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