Best Way to Clean Carpet From Dog Poop

Dog hiding

You are not a real dog owner until you’ve handled dog poop. This is what my dog’s trainer told me the first time we met. So I learned how to pick-up, dispose and clean up after my dog for several weeks.

My most important takeaway from that training was that it takes a lot of elbow grease to clean dog poop, especially if its dropped on the carpet! Here’s how to deal with this stink bomb:

Step #1 – Contain the problem

Just like spills, its best to deal with it immediately. You’re lucky if Fido is not experiencing diarrhea, so the dried poop will be easy to scoop up. Nonetheless, wet or dry, poop can stink up the room if left there for too long.

Keep a poop scooper, poop pail, and some brown paper bag handy if you have a dog in the house. Scoop out the poop, drop into a bag and throw it away at once.

In case there’s some left, you can scrape it off with a popsicle stick. Clean around the area, scooping towards the center so as not to spread it.

There will be times when your dog chooses to be naughty when you are away. In which case, make cleaning the poop your first priority when you see it. And please, don’t push your dog’s head into the poop to scare them off. That does not work and will just terrorize the poor dog.

Step #2 – Wash it off

Mix detergent soap with water (make sure its non-bleach) and then spray over the spot. Get down and carefully blot the affected area. Do not scrub vigorously lest you destroy the fabric. Rinse the poop away after every blotting so that you don’t return right back.

Step #3 – Dry it off

Once the carpet is poop-free, you can start drying it. Do not let it dry by itself because if you do, the air will smell musty especially if the room is enclosed. Pat down with old towels or paper towels. Press them firmly on the carpet until its almost dry.

When I’m feeling lazy, I whip out my steam vacuum cleaner to dry it out faster.

Step #4 – Sanitize and deodorize

Most people stop the process right after drying. You should not. You have to get rid of all lingering odor by spraying the affected area with a water and vinegar solution. Blot it with paper towel or run the vacuum a few times to dry. Finish with an antibacterial spray such as Lysol.

If the vinegar solution is not enough to remove the stain, you can purchase Hydrogen Peroxide from a drugstore. Look for 3% solution and spray it several times on the affected area. It will lighten after a few days.

As I said, you will need to use a lot of elbow grease when cleaning dog poop. But if you want an easier way, you can make technology work for you. There are poop scoopers that’s designed to do the dirty work, so to speak. Just point and scoop. It works on any kind of surface. The downside is that you will still have to clean and sanitize afterwards.

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