Dyson 360 Eye vs iRobot

The Dyson 360 Eye and the iRobot are easily some of the top-notch vacuum cleaners that guarantee the double advantage of thoroughness and efficiency. Both are optimized for excellent suction, but each delivers quality results in its unique ways. Evidently, the designers of both machines relied on smart technology to bolster their overall performance.

In every respect, the invention of these powerful robotic vacuums represent a milestone in the vacuuming technology, particularly with regard to the capacity to suck up the toughest dirt from your carpets and the messiest parts of your floors. Both machines are uniquely intelligent and require minimal human intervention to function.

About Dyson’s 360 Eye

Dyson 360 EyeCredible expert reviews and various customer opinions confirm that Dyson robot vacuum is probably the most powerful robot vacuum in terms of suction efficiency.

This factor is attributed to the smallness and lightweight advantage of its digital motor, which allows it to achieve incredible suction efficiency.

Therefore, this robot vacuum might be considered somewhat superior to the iRobot with regard to suction. Besides, it comes with a 360 degrees Eye Vision System, which enables it to map out the cleaning area for optimum efficiency. You will notice that this machine is highly intelligent and cleans uniformly without all over the surface.

The Dyson Eye gives you the advantage of cleaning from a remote position using the special Dyson link app.

You will find the app on your Android or iOS. As such, you might think of this robot vacuum as your ideal cleaning solution if your occupation requires you to be away from home for long hours throughout the week.


  • Powerful and intense suction effect.
  • Separate debris and dust for effective cleaning.
  • Uniquely optimized for edge-to-edge cleaning.
  • Robustly constructed for enhanced durability.
  • Achieves maximum floor coverage.

About The iRobot

iRobot Roomba 870The various iRobot vacuum cleaners are known for their excellent navigation and impressive intelligence with regard to interpreting the requirements of the cleaning process.

You will notice that this robot vacuum cleaner moves gracefully between your furniture and underneath raised items as it sucks up every speck of dirt.

Perhaps one of the outstanding strengths of the iRobot is the 3-Stage Cleaning System, which explains the thoroughness of the vacuuming process. The highly automated design enables it to dock and recharge on its own. It senses whenever its power is draining, and moves back to the dock to recharge.

Some reviewers feel that the automation level surpasses Dyson, although others feel that the Dyson compensates for that with the Eye Vision System that supports its intelligent mapping. Perhaps it is the device you might need to clean your floors, carpets, and surfaces while you are busy on other things.


  • Lightweight construction for portability.
  • Highly effective for removing pet hair.
  • Works faster than many robot vacuums.
  • Cleans floors and surfaces in uniform patterns.
  • Thinly constructed to clean underneath furniture.


Both Dyson and iRobot have fantastic and powerful cleaners that remove all types of dirt including pet hair, debris, and dust. Most of the performance strength of the Dyson derives from its advanced technology and superior suction power. The iRobot is great for thorough and uniform cleaning. Both cleaners are remarkably intelligent and require your least input.