Dyson 360 Eye Robot Vacuum Review

In three words, Dyson vacuum cleaners are known for power, efficiency, and convenience. There is no doubt that the Dyson engineers sought to surpass ordinary expectations by designing lightweight robotic vacuums that can get rid of dust particles from tight corners, crevices, and the interior of your car with great efficiency.

The ideal robot vacuum cleaner should have a powerful motor that can sustain intense suction for extended duration. You will notice that the Dyson 360 Eye is more flexible than the traditional vacuums on the market. This dynamically engineered cleaning machine has intelligent features that enable it to clean meticulously with minimal control.

Dyson 360 Eye plugged into wall

Top-Tier Performance

The Dyson 360 is a clear favorite among many households (read: Dyson vs iRobot) because of its revolutionary design and outstanding performance. The manufacturers ensured that its motor rotates nearly two times faster than your average traditional motor. You need such a powerful motor to give you the assurance of excellent vacuuming.

Remarkably, this cleaner features the 360 eye-vision system that allows it to map out a cleaning pattern so that it differentiates between the covered and uncovered. This technological advantage ensures that all the mess on your floor or carpet is effectively sucked up by the device.

Five Incredible Features:

1. Powerful Dyson digital motor.
2. Radial Root cyclone effect.
3. Designed for accurate maneuvering.
4. Sturdy and compact construction.
5. Full-width brush bar for thoroughness.

Remote Control Technology

If you are away from home and still want to clean your carpet and floor, you only have to engage the Dyson link app to get the work done. This app, which is available on your android or iOS allows you to schedule and control the performance of your vacuum cleaner from wherever you are.

Besides, the app allows you to get accurate data about the cleaning process so that you can analyze and adjust the schedule as appropriate. This advantage explains the growing preference for this automatic vacuum amongst homeowners who travel frequently and those who work away from home.

Edge-to-Edge Cleaning

You will notice that this vacuum is more systematic in its pattern of movements than ordinary robot vacuums. The ability to calculate a systematic cleaning pattern ensures that it executes a neat edge-to-edge cleaning without leaving any trace of dirt, dust, or debris behind.

Besides, the mechanics of its operations are designed in a way that allows the machine to separate dust and dirt for effective cleaning results. The idea is to ensure that whatever the vacuum pulls from your hardwood floor or carpet is kept in its bin. The carbon and nylon fiber bristles are designed to enhance the effectiveness of the cleaning process.


In nearly every respect, Dyson’s 360 Eye surpasses ordinary expectation because of its advanced technology, superior suction effect, and convenience. The capacity to map the cleaning area and move in a systematic pattern gives it a clear edge over other cleaners on the market. The remote control app adds to its overall utility advantage.

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