Your Guide to Finding The Best Hardwood Floor Vacuum

Electrolux Vacuum For Hardwood Floor

Due to the popularity of hardwood floors, websites like Hardwood Champion have reviewed some of the best hardwood floor vacuums around. This means that there is quire a demand for knowing what to look for when you start shopping for such a vacuum cleaner. The process might take you some time. However, after you find the right one, you will be glad you put in the effort.

How to Choose a Vacuum For Hardwood

Before you start reading the various reviews posted about these vacuums, you should keep in mind that all of them are different. The quality, the longevity, and the effectiveness of each type will depend on the manufacturer, the brand, and the specific make.

To get the greatest value from the one you choose, therefore, you have to specifically look for which hardwood vacuums have the greatest reviews online. These reviews, of course, should have been written by people who have actually used the product and found them to be effective.

What You Should Look For:

Here’s what you should look for to ensure that the vacuum cleaner you are researching is suitable for a wood floor:

a) Beater Brushes

Look at the head of the vacuum cleaner to see if it has rotator brushes – which are typically covered with thick bristles. If it has these beater brushes, then you can be sure it isn’t designed for wood floors. Rather, it could be made for cleaning carpets because the brushes are designed for digging deep into carpet fiber. As such, they are going to cause irreparable damage to your beautiful hardwood flooring.

b) Stripe Padding

Find a vacuum that come with felt or rubber stripe padding. This is a handy featured designed to ensure that it does not accidentally scratch a hardwood floor.

Vacuum Suction Powerc) Suction Power

If possible, ensure that the cleaner you choose comes with strong suction power.

These types of cleaners are great because they can pull up all the small particles that will seep into the cracks in your floors.

d) Size and Weight

Seeing as how your wood surfaces are so delicate, you might want to select a vacuum that is compact and lightweight. This way, you will have an easy time maneuvering the cleaner. These features will also reduce the chances that the vacuum will cause scuff marks and scratches on your hardwood flooring.

Picking a Specific Style

As mentioned above, all vacuums – including those designed for hardwood floors – come in a wide variety of styles. The options include:

  • Bag – There are bagless vacuums and ones with disposable bags.
  • Power – In terms of power, it can range from light stick varieties to powerful and versatile canister cleaners.
  • Size – Similarly, there are handheld as well as full-sized machines.
  • Pets – Some vacuums are designed specifically to clean homes with pets – as the tough messes pets make; others are designed for regular pet-free homes
  • Automation – It is possible to get an automated robotic vacuum .
  • Backpack VacuumingBackpack vacuums are also great for hardwood flooring. They are lightweight and powerful, making it easy to use them without having to hunch one’s back.

More Info: Best Backpack Vacuum for Hardwood Floors

Irrespective of the vacuum type you end up choosing, one thing is certain – you need to find a cleaner that will meet your specific preferences and needs in the best way possible. Of course, the one you choose should be friendly for hardwood flooring. It should also meet as many of the criteria described above as possible.

Most handheld, backpack, canister, and stick vacuums are lightweight. As such, they tend to be favorites among people with hardwood floors in their homes and offices. This is on account of their ease of use, maneuverability, convenience, and particular design.


At the end of the day, you also have to consider the costs associated with buying and maintaining it. If you don’t have a big budget to work with, it is still possible to find a great vacuum within your particular price range.

As long as you are aware of the specific features it should have, making your purchase won’t be all that difficult. However, if you are just looking for the best there is in the market, you can take your pick. Still, this does not mean that the best is necessarily the most expensive.

Types of Hardwood Floor Vacuums

That said there are different vacuum cleaner types out there. These are primarily classified according to shape. However, each cleaner is designed to perform specific functions. Read on to understand what you will get from each type:

  • Handheld – These are designed for reaching hard-to-reach areas. They are also versatile while also being effective for suctioning debris and dirt from tight spaces.
  • Canister – On the other hand, canister cleaners are a cross between the stick and the upright vacuums. They are as powerful as uprights but they feature, like stick cleaners, a slender frame. They are also relatively expensive on account of the multi-functional and technologically-innovative design.
  • Upright – Uprights are generally popular among people with hardwood floors. They are powerful and come with easy-to-use accessories and functions.
  • Stick – Stick vacuums are not as powerful as the other models. However, they are great for reaching those narrow spaces in between your hardwood floors and walls, as well as tight corners.
  • Robotic/AutonomousRobotic vacuums are increasingly popular on account of their ability to work with minimal human control and supervision. They will roam freely around the space you need cleaning, sucking up all messes along their way.

Not only will your autonomous vacuum save you time, it will also be able to get into spaces that a larger machine would not – like under your couch. Of course, this also means that these types of robot cleaners are a bit more expensive than the other varieties listed above.

Concluding Thoughts

Over and above everything else, finding the perfect vacuum for your home is definitely going to take some time and effort on your part. Use the tips, tricks, and strategies above to help you make the right choice.

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