How to Pick The Best Type of Vacuum For Pet Hair

Ideally, owning a pet often come with heavy responsibilities and trying to be careful with your dog’s hair does not eliminate the need for a quality pet vacuum. Even when you brush your dog frequently, some hair will still fall on different surfaces. Animal hair can find its way to the carpet, sofa, floor, and even in your car. Thus choosing the best vacuum is a tricky exercise.

Cat on Vacuum Cleaner

With so many models available on the market, how do you determine the one that will serve you the best? Also, you will be using this tool frequently; probably weekly, so you should be careful before you make an investment. Numerous factors determine the choosing criteria. Let us take a glance at some of the essential factors to consider.

Your Budget

How much are you ready to spend on a vacuum? Understanding your budget is very vital. Normally, capturing pet fur is not a walk in the park affair, in that, buying cheap and readily available machine that often work for a few hours before being clogged by the hairs and afterward leading to various maintenance issues is not recommended. However, you do not need to purchase a state of the art machine to get the best results. Ideally, when procuring a good cleaner, it is nice to save some extra coins in the pocket and enjoy the cleaning affair.

The Type of Pet

The degree of shedding hair usually varies from one pet to another, in that; different breeds tend to shed furs at various rates. There are three categories of breeds; dog breeds that shed a lot and more frequent, dog breeds that shed a little and those that and lastly cat breeds that shed a little. It is, therefore, vital to consider your pet shedding tendencies.

Vacuum Suction PowerThe Suction Power & Performance

Dog hair is a bit difficult to lift, so you require a vacuum with high suction power.

A powerful vacuum ensures thorough removal of dog hair from multiple surfaces.

However, there may be redundant hairs that tend to stick on the surfaces thus requiring a relatively higher vacuum, of relatively more than 12 watts cleaner to remove them.

The Type of Surface: Carpet, Hard Floor, Upholstery or Car

You should consider the surface and flooring in your home since there are different vacuum meant for concrete surfaces. If you want to remove dog hair from carpet, car, upholstery, hard floor, or the car, you should consider a customized vacuum. Unfortunately, our dogs follow us everywhere, and you may want to remove hair from multiple surfaces. In this case, it is advisable to shop for an all-around vacuum. If you are sweeping a large space, you can consider a vacuum with large dirt capacity; you will cover a large area with less emptying. Apartments, flats, and other smaller spaces require a relatively small space.

Which Vacuum do You Prefer: Upright, Handheld or Canister?

Mostly, people prefer upright vacuums for dog hair. However, canister and handheld vacuums have been improved to offer the same power as upright vacuums. An upright vacuum is perfect for a large area while handheld and canister vacuums are best suited for smaller space. You may have to consider the included accessories and attachments. These components offer better performance on various surfaces and also hard to reach places. Also, other parts are specifically meant to tackle pet hair. The critical factors to consider include; the crevice tool, upholstery tool, motorized tool, and also the mattress tool.

A Bag-less or a Bagged Vacuum

Bag-less models are more popular than bagged versions since they are simple to empty, and you do not have to replace bags on hand. Bag-less vacuums are transparent, so you will be able to see if you have collected the dog’s hair. The decision on whether to have bag less or bagged cleaners usually trickles down to a matter of individual preferences.

Weight and Capacity

Most manufacturers try to design lightweight vacuums. However, it is wise to check the specific weight of a particular space because it affects portability. Wight is an essential factor to consider when making your choice. You should choose a large capacity vacuum since it will give you an easy time when cleaning dog hair while keeping in mind the surface area covered.

The HEPA Filtration

A model that includes HEPA air filter is ideal for pet owners who what to avoid asthma and allergies since it can pick even the smallest particles. HEPA filters are designed to trap up to 99% microns of particulates. Therefore, the worrying about the pet hair and your health concerns is relatively reduced. Also, for asthmatic families, the HEPA designed filters are their best choice. Be sure to clean or change the filter every six months or even more often


Getting a warranted device is also an important factor. You want to get a free repair or replacement in case of accidental damages. So you should consider the warranty included in a particular vacuum. The only safe product often comes with a warranty of not less than one year.

What Type of Vacuum do You Need For Your Home?

There are four main types (Upright, canister, handheld and stick) of filters to choose. Each provides its amazing capabilities, and the choice is left for you to determine the one that suits your needs well. Purchasing a vacuum cleaner can be challenging since beauty may not mean power! It is, therefore, important to consider their advantages and shortcomings of a particular vac before making a final decision. In general, consider the weight, noise, vacuum scheduling, cost, and warranty before making a purchase.


Handheld vacuums are held by hand when cleaning. They are most often used to clean car seats although they can be used to perform other types of cleaning. These vacuums come in two types – cordless or corded.

When you decide to purchase a handheld vacuum, there will be tons of distinct brands to choose. They come at different prices with some trading as low as $50; some others cost thousand dollars while the high-end vacuums cleaners trade at higher prices. Anyone can afford to buy one of these vacuums.


Each type of cleaner is meant to provide different cleaning abilities, so you have the right to choose the one that delivers the best results according to your needs. The stick vacuums are light, but usually, they offer the lowest amount of suction power. The stick vacuum is perfect for cleaning light carpet areas and bare floors. These spaces are also perfect on area rugs! They come in a variety of prices, and it is possible to purchase a great model at highly affordable price.


The canister vacuum cleaners have a canister. A long wand that is used for cleaning is attached to the cartridge. These vacuums are lighter as compared to traditional upright cleaners. They also produce more vacuuming power than stick vacuums. It can be used to clean all types of carpets. They also provide the exceptional ability in taking care of the bare floors without much hassle.


The upright models are the most popular. Their popularity has grown because they have the ability to handle numerous tasks around the home. They come in multiple designs, and they have plenty of beautiful features. Most homeowners choose this vacuum due to its versatility, but you should also take some time to test the other cleaners explained above.

An upright generally provides the strongest suction power for cleaning carpets. These filters can be used across the home for efficient and fast cleaning of the carpet. Some other models can be used to handle bare floors.

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All the above cleaners perform best when used for the right purpose. If you want to avoid frustrations after making a purchase, then understand how you intend to use your vacuum.


Therefore, knowledge is wealth, and saving a few more coins for your dream vacuum cleaning is worth considering. Arriving at your ultimate vacuum cleaner is an uphill task since you will have to weigh on these all factors to get on your dream cleaner. Also, maintenance for your pet is also important. Consider all these tips and enjoy your cleaning.

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