Best Robot Vacuum for Pets and Carpets

Carpets and pets – two of life’s luxuries that simply cannot co-exist. Nonetheless, both bring joy to you, so let’s find a way to keep them both.

The best way is to schedule regular cleaning so that your carpet is clean and free of pet dander.

For the busy home manager, a robot vacuum cleaner can make quick work of your place. You have plenty of choices in the market these days. Here’s how to narrow down the best robot vacuum for you if you have carpet and pets at home:

1. Determine Your Budget

The price range of robot vacuums swing wildly in both directions. They can be as cheap as $10 or as expensive as $600. Expensive does not always mean its the best in the market, although manufacturers would want you to think so. However, cheap usually means that it has limited abilities, so its best to strike a balance between functionality and cost-effectiveness.

2. Make a List of The Features You Need or Want

There is no one vacuum cleaner that can claim to be the best for everyone. Each home has unique needs, and as the home manager, you should be very familiar with them.

Do you have a large room? Then you might want to prioritize battery life.

Are there allergy sufferers in your home?

Does your pet shed like crazy?

Are there plenty of obstructions in your home?

Make a list of the features you need and want for use later.

3. Research

The internet is a rich source of information, but be ready to sift through them. I usually read reviews first from other users before reading about product features. You may have your own process, the order is irrelevant as long as it works for you.

Look for reviewers who are looking for the same features as you. Make sure they are not paid to post glowing reviews.

Then, make a list of the products that has features that match your initial list. Check the prices of each product. Nonetheless, don’t limit your reading to the said products. There will be mentions of other items related, usually at the end of a review, read them also.

I once stumbled upon a good bargain in one of those reviews. So who knows, you might find what you like in unexpected places.

4. Narrow Down Your List

It’s best to have at least 3 products in your list. Considering that not all products may be found in your area, you need to be practical when listing down your preferences. You may fall in love with Roomba, but if none of the stores nearby carry it, you will be destined for a heartbreak.

5. Make a Choice And Purchase

Don’t take too long because stocks might run out, especially if you choose a popular one. I prefer going to a brick-and-mortar store for my vacuum cleaners as I want to test it out before plunking down my hard-earned money. Others are content buying in the internet. It does not matter how you come to it, just check the quality.

When choosing a robot vacuum cleaner, do not buy the first one that you like. Read, ruminate and then contemplate on your decision. You will be using them for quite some time, you don’t want to end up with buyer’s remorse.

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