Shark vs Black and Decker Handheld Vacuum

Shark and Black & Decker are notorious for their ingenious models of handheld vacuum cleaners whose performance surpasses the margins of ordinary expectations. Both are comparable in terms of the sleek designs and the advanced ergonomic features that make them quite user-friendly.

You may want to test a Shark handheld vacuum to experience its highly adaptive and intelligent features. Many reviews from customers reveal that Shark products are particularly efficient for cleaning in crevices. The Black & Decker machines are highly regarded for their cyclonic action that multiplies the efficiency of their power. Here are the details:


If you are looking for a lightweight and compact handheld machine to protect you from allergens and pet hair, think of Shark as the ideal choice. Shark handhelds like the HV292 are known to be extra efficient for removing trapped allergens from your carpet, upholstery, and floor.

The Shark products have been tested on different types of floors and proved themselves to be thorough, fast, and precise. These handheld devices are designed with the TruePet Motorized brush that helps to remove any stubborn pet hair that may be embedded deep into the your carpet, or the fabric on your sofa.

Some accustomed users hold the view Shark as superior with regard to maintaining suction power. However, other consider Black and Decker to be the better machine because of powerful effect of its cyclonic technology. The upshot is that both have some spectacular strengths and a few limitations.


  • Sustains a powerful suction effect.
  • Designed with a flexible hose attachment.
  • Features a washable filter.
  • Lightweight construction for portability.
  • Built with robust and durable materials.

Black &Decker

One of the outstanding strengths of the Black & Decker handheld vacuums is that they consume far less energy than the traditional vacuums. This makes these machines ideal for extended cleaning on a regular basis. Apart from helping you save on energy, this machine has an incredibly long battery life.

The Lithium technology shows its full merit in the extended and stable performance of these vacuums. The designers of these vacuum cleaners fitted them with translucent dirt bowls that helps you monitor the progress of the vacuuming and empty the dirt when it fills up.

You need this vacuum to suck up all the dirt in crevices and tight spots that many other vacuums may not access with ease. The built-in crevice feature allows you to get the dirt in hard-to-reach areas and clear cobwebs with astonishing efficiency. The quick charging base of the machine makes your work simpler and faster.


  • Designed with on-board extension for convenience.
  • Has a longer battery life than many vacuums.
  • Uses 50% less energy than rival models.
  • Lightweight for easier handling and maneuvering.
  • Easy to clean and maintain.


Shark and Black & Decker vacuums are known for their lightweight advantage and the capacity to such up dirt from crevices and other hard-to-reach areas. The cyclonic action and long battery life of the Black & Decker models makes them ideal for intensive cleaning. Shark is outstanding in the power of its suction.

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